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Date: Jul 05, 2003 - 12:01 AM

Appa Sherpa, 42, highest number of ascents (13 times)

"I never intended to set any records. In fact for this latest ascet I had a tough time convincing my wife to let me go at all, especially as I had announced my retirement last year. However, the situation engulfed me hen I could not deny the team with which I had been in the past five summits, called me for the expeditioin after they had already acquired permit. As I was not looking to set records, I do not feel any threat from yournger climbers".

Yiuchiro Miura, 70, oldest summiter

"It is all the hard work for the past five years I had been practicing mountainn climbing. I am proud that I made it to the top of the world at this age. I expect my ascent to set an example among elederly people. It is not just my dream to be at the top of the world, but of all mountain climbers. Everest is as demanding as it was in the earlier days. It was nice to be at the top and experience peace and happiness. I felt the ascent very difficult but getting down to base camp was dangerous".

Lhakpa Sherpa, 30, first woman to climb Everest 3 times

"As I do not have any formal education, I chose mountaineering as a profession.
The record is something that is just a part of my regular work. I am happy to
become the first woman to reach atop Everest three times but I want to climb
many more times. Next year in the spring season I am attempting Everest with
my two younger sisters Diki Lhamu Sherpa and Ming Kipa Sherpa. If we succeed
it will be the first ever climb to Everest by three sisters. I beleive my strong
determination and aggressiveness has led me to success".

Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, 36, fastest at the top

"Using all the experience of my past nine summiting of Everest, I managed
to scale the world's highest peak ffastest. I used all my strength and capacity.
I dont think I will go for another challenge for speed ascent if someone breaks
the record. During the fastest ascent, I had a rest in Camp 2 for half an hour
for I had to change my dress and put on Climbing Gear. Besides that I hardly
wasted a minute on the way up, except for 10 minutes wheen I had a cup of tea
in South Col. I wish that only a Nepali may break my record".

Ming Kipa Sherpa, 15 years 9 months, youngest climber

"I had to take the Tibetan route as the Nepal government has barred ascent
for people below 16 years. It has been a wonderful feeling to become the youngest
climber to reach the top of Everest. My mother was not agreeing to let me go
for the expedition. I was scared to death when i saw a dead body with shining
eyes above 8000 metres. But my sister and brother comforted me. When i was at
the summit i was satisfied that i had made it. i will continue my studies either
in Kathmandu or in the village, but will not quit mountain-climbing".

Source: Himalayan Travel Trade Journal

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